• Let's Turn Volunteering into a Social Norm

    Innovative volunteer solutions for individuals, nonprofit organizations, and companies.


A free social media platform for volunteering that allows individuals, nonprofit organizations, and companies to showcase their positive impact.

You have all the bases covered but one…

Commogri is the answer.

How Commogri Works

find your passion

capture the moment

share & use #commogri

#commogri Digest

Volunteer and use #commogri for a chance to win a donation from the Commogri Rewards fund for the nonprofit you helped!

We’re a Nonprofit Organization

The donations that we receive fund our social media app development and contribute to the Commogri Rewards fund.

Mobile Application

Our mobile app is currently in development. Follow along as we approach our official launch.

Commogri Rewards

We’re making volunteering a social norm. We’re rewarding you for great volunteer photos.

Community Outreach

We partnering with your favorite nonprofits to help them raise awareness.

Let’s turn volunteering into a social norm.

Commogri, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization.
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